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However, the Retainer sacrifice was practised within the royal tombs of ancient The prevalence of human sacrifice in medieval Buddhist Tibet is less clear. The Hawaiians. Here’s the short answer: yes, the Celts do appear to have performed human sacrifice as part of their religious rituals.

It was believed a ritual, properly conducted, led to the result which was sought—a successful harvest, for example.

Teutates on Gundestrup Cauldron. AD 24), described the human sacrificial ritual as follows: “They [Celts] used to strike a man, whom they had devoted to death, in the back with a knife, and then divine from his death-throes; but they did not sacrifice without a Druid.”Strabo continues.

22).Strabo’s reference to arrows is especially intriguing; there’s little or no archaeological data to support Celtic use of bows and arrows. The Greek poet, Sopater of Paphos (285–246 BC), wrote the Celts of Galatia sacrificed their prisoners to their gods by burning them after a victory.The Greek historian, Diodorus Siculus (60–30 BC), speaks of prisoner executions in Galatia: “The Galatian general returning from the pursuit, assembled the prisoners and carried out an act of extreme barbarity and utter insolence. However, the discovery of a male body in Lindow bog proved once and for all that the Celts did engage in human sacrifice to some degree. And, since the Druids were the religious/scholar/priestly social class, they almost certainly would have participated in human sacrifices, and probably officiated at them.We have three sorts of data regarding Celtic human sacrifices.

Some see the story of There may be evidence of retainer sacrifice in the Another probable instance of human sacrifice mentioned in the Bible is the sacrifice of Plutarch, however, claims that the children were already dead at the time, having been killed by their parents, whose consent—as well as that of the children—was required; Tertullian explains the acquiescence of the children as a product of their youthful trustfulness.The accuracy of such stories is disputed by some modern historians and archaeologists.There is archaeological evidence of human sacrifice in References to human sacrifice can be found in Greek historical accounts as well as mythology. […] Did the Celts or Druids Perform Human Sacrifice? The Lindow Man was perhaps killed at the time of the Roman attack upon the druidical center of Anglesey, and may have represented an attempt to persuade supernatural forces to circumvent the enemies of the Celtic religion.Archaeological evidence suggests animal sacrifices were replacing human sacrifices at the time Latin writers wrote about human sacrifices.

He also received a vicious blow in the back – perhaps from someone’s knee – which broke one of his ribs. The Nevertheless, there is some evidence that outside of lamaism, there were practices of Grunfeld (1996) concludes that it cannot be ruled out that isolated instances of human sacrifice did survive in remote areas of Tibet until the mid-20th century, but they must have been rare enough to have left no more traces than the evidence cited above.In India, human sacrifice is mainly known as "Narabali". At ritual and burial sites, animal bones were found of bulls, horses, goats, rams, pigs and dogs.Sacrifice, human and animal, was part of a body of rituals which was believed to be necessary to perform in order to ensure the smooth running of the universe, fertility of the earth, rising of the sun, and the return of spring.

The three-fold manner of his death (head blow, neck garroted, throat cut) followed by the deposition of the body in water suggest this was a human sacrifice possibly performed by Druids.A bog victim in Gallagh in County Galway was killed with a garrote made of hazel rods, and the stomach of another victim at Lindow was full of hazel nuts, a strong symbol in Celtic mythology.

On the Gundestrup Cauldron there is a figure held upside-down over what appears to be a pail of water—the portrayal of perhaps a sacrifice to Teutates, God of War. The Galatae of Asia Minor were dreaded because of their reputation for sacrificing prisoners of war. The Lindow man is said to have been “strangled, hit on the head, and had his throat cut, in quick order, then surrendered to the bog.” 5. [28] Neither are mentioned in the medieval Irish tales, and the Irish words for bow and arrow are borrowed from Latin and Norse (Piggott 1975, 110).The idea of a “wickerman” is reminiscent of references in both Irish legend and the second branch of the Welsh The best archaeological data supporting Celtic human sacrifice is the body of the man placed in Lindow bog in the first or second century C.E.

Purchases made via links may result in this site earning associate payments. In East Yorkshire, at Garton Slack a young man and a woman of about thirty were found huddled together in a shaft, a wooden stake between them pinning their arms together; the woman was apparently pregnant, since a fetal skeleton was found beneath her pelvis.
Experts say that Druids in the Celtic era possibly committed ritual human sacrifice on a mass scale.

The Romans may well have been exaggerating to prove what savages they were.

The Romans justified their actions by also accusing the Celts of practicing human sacrifice. “We are told of still other kinds of sacrifices; for example, they would shoot victims to death with arrows, or impale them in temples, or, having built a colossus of straw and wood, throw into the colossus cattle and animals of all sorts and human beings, and then make a burn offering of the whole thing.Julius Caesar wrote extensively about the Gauls in France and their rituals of human sacrifice.

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